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Stair & Pool Void Protection

Unprotected voids pose a major safety risk.

Designed to be installed when the frame of a building is completed to protect you and your team from dangerous and unnecessary falls down unfinished stairwells, elevator shafts, swimming pools or similar areas. In addition, void protection stops the incidence of injuries from falling construction debris to lower floors.

Typically, void protection takes the form of a wooden or metal cover with accompanying scaffolding, however our expert team can custom design and assemble void protection to your requirements. When installing void protection, we’ll ensure it’s durable and secure, and minimises health and safety risks to visitors and workers on your site.

Prior to installing your void protection, we’ll take into account any features of your site, including number of floors and whether it’ll need to be removed temporarily to allow access for construction items.

For more information about void protection, simply give our expert team a call.

NOTE: This service is currently only available through our Cairns branch.

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