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For all your height & safety equipment, experience & legal, safe methods call AG Height Safety
For all enquiries please call 1800 099 464 or email
For all enquiries please call 1800 099 464
or email
Space saving access for work sites thanks to AG Height Safety Queensland

AG Height Safety QLD has the solution to keeping tradesmen onsite to complete fascia, gutter and roofing work immediately after installation.

This product also provides unobstructed site access for everyone working below which speeds up build times and maintains a clutter free worksite.

AG Height Safety QLD has worked to bring our clients a variety of Platform products to suit site requirements and we work closely with all trades involved to ensure the process is smooth and hassle free.

Our product, made from aluminum and steel can be fitted to any height and pitch to suit your roof whilst protecting the completed lower roof below against damage.

Suitable for sheet or tiled roof materials and can be installed pre or post truss installation.

Working platforms

Specifically designed for plumbers, carpenters and roofers to reach roof spaces quickly and easily. Working platforms are also ideal for painters, renderers, and cladding installers to quickly move about the external walls to complete works. Installed at a higher level, there is ample space below the platform for jobs to be completed by other trades simultaneously.

AG Height Safety are confident working with Local and State Government, Military and Mining projects and respect the finer details of compliancy are required to complete these works. AG follows the Building and Construction Award very closely for employees and can supply Company Compliance and Insurance Documents at any time upon request. We also develop site or product specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) across the state when required.

We regularly have our employees Inducted to larger scale worksites or companies and have confidence working with your Corporate team to ensure this is a seamless process.


Queensland’s Height Safety Specialists are bringing you scaffolding solutions to access great heights
Edge protection
Specifically designed for the dual purpose of preventing falls and stopping equipment and debris from dropping onto people working below
Void protection
AG Height Safety bringing you an extra working platform and safety product
Temporary fence hire
Containing your site and the valuable equipment you’re using throughout your project is vital
Contact our team of professionals today to discuss your requirements and safety needs
For more information about which working platform suits your project, simply give our expert team a call.

For all your height safety equipment, experience, legal, safety & compliance call AG Height Safety.

AG Height Safety QLD will closely follow the mandatory requirements of Covid-19 including but not limited to vaccinations, social distancing, lock downs and health regulations, should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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