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For all your height & safety equipment, experience & legal, safe methods call AG Height Safety
For all enquiries please call 1800 099 464 or email
For all enquiries please call 1800 099 464
or email
AG Height Safety Queensland, have been providing scaffold, platform, edge protection & void protection solutions since early 2000’s
Located across 4 sites in Queensland, our head office is in Sunshine Coast QLD, with major services and managers in Cairns, Townsville & Mackay

We pride ourselves on delivering fast and reliable service to both residential and commercial clients, supplying quality scaffold, edge protection, void protection, working platforms and temporary fencing, with no limitation on domestic, commercial and re-roof services.

AG Height Safety Queensland cover the entire Queensland state, if you need a specialist or custom piece of equipment, we’ll be able to access it quickly and easily.

Our team have over a decade’s experience servicing the Sunshine Coast to Cairns and North Queensland, from Cardwell to the Cape and right across to the Northern Territory.

Our highly qualified and local team have extensive experience in our field, and we are committed to making your site compliant.

As industry leaders, we’re passionate about providing the best service and products to meet the changing needs of the construction industry, while keeping all our clients compliant with the relevant health and safety laws of Queensland.

Industry Approved

All AG Height Safety equipment, including scaffold, working platforms, void protection, edge protection and temporary fencing, are industry compliant with the Workplace Health and Safety Standards AS/NZS 1576 and AS/NZS 4994, Parts 1 and 2.

Adherence to the latest state and federal safety requirements and the ongoing training of our staff, ensures we are comprehensively equipped with the latest safety skills and specialised knowledge required as an industry leader. We’re proud to have an excellent safety record, both within our own workplace and those of our clients.

Residential, Government & Commercial Height Safety Solutions

Whether you're completing large construction work, need a dedicated platform build for your commercial building site, rendering or painting, solar installation, or are undertaking a re-roofing job. We’ll talk to you about your project and needs, before recommending, quoting, supplying the right equipment and working around your deadlines. We have a variety of different safety products, solutions and componentry which means you don’t need to engage with five different businesses for five different products. AG Height Safety has it all in one place.

Both residential, government and commercial clients are welcome, no matter the size of your project, our expert team will help you from start to finish.

The Experience You Need

AG Height Safety Queensland is owned and operated by Tim Johns, who began working in the scaffolding industry in the early 2000’s. AG Height Safety Queensland has a long standing history and was established in the year 2004.

Tim, has been working in the building trade as a scaffold, edge protection and platform specialist. He works passionately amongst all departments and branches.

Tim and his team strive to give the best possible service, solution and products to his clients by incorporating newer products for AG Height Safety Queensland, based on demand from his clients and demand in this fast changing industry.

AG Family Values

Tim has high standards and endless passion in what he does. From designing and fabricating his own componentry, solving client or site problems to knowing each employee on first name basis.

AG Family Values means that each person across the business becomes part of the innovative vision, holds the same passion and has the same high standards to change the culture of the building industry for the better!

Team work comes naturally for everyone at all branches and they enjoy working amongst a positive crew with a smile. When it comes to recruitment Tim wants everyone to feel as if they are joining a ‘family’ as opposed to ‘just having a job’.

Queensland’s Height Safety Specialists are bringing you scaffolding solutions to access great heights
Edge protection
Specifically designed for the dual purpose of preventing falls and stopping equipment and debris from dropping onto people working below
Void protection
AG Height Safety bringing you an extra working platform and safety product
Space saving working platform access for work sites thanks to AG Height Safety Queensland
Contact our team of professionals today to discuss your requirements and safety needs
For more information on how to ensure the safety of everyone working on your commercial or residential site, we invite you to give our friendly team a call today

For all your height safety equipment, experience, legal, safety & compliance call AG Height Safety.

AG Height Safety QLD will closely follow the mandatory requirements of Covid-19 including but not limited to vaccinations, social distancing, lock downs and health regulations, should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

AG Height Safety are servicing these areas and everything else throughout all of Queensland
Cairns | Sunshine Coast | Mackay | Townsville

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