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Bond Beam Scaffold Hire

Specialised safety equipment.

Engineered and manufactured in Queensland in accordance with industry standards, bond beam scaffold is a speciality product we are proud to offer through our Cairns workshop. The system allows safe access to the top of a block wall for plumbers, carpenters and brick layers, quickly and easily.

Bond beam scaffold work using a two plank trestle system which is erected in lowrise domestic buildings and is a new and innovative product in the safety industry. Faster access to these hard-to-reach places results in increased productivity and helps you complete your project to schedule; it can also be used for the safe set up of cleats and trusses.

Once the block laying work is complete, our expert team will install the bond beam scaffolding, taking into account the weather conditions of the day, any obstacles that may put workers at risk and the integrity of the building work.

For more information about bond beam scaffolding, give our team a call today.

NOTE: This service is currently only available through our Cairns branch.

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